By the time she completed her degree 3 years later, she was already one of the top eBay seller in Asia generating over 3 million yearly turnover. After that she continue to push herself beyond her comfort zone by flying into China to start a fashion apparel business even though she barely knows how to read Chinese. She successful started the entire operation in China in less than a month and went on to be one of the popular bandage dress seller.

Eventually Melissa decided to settle down with her childhood sweetheart whom she have reconnected online after 12 years and shortly after delivered triplet daughters! Throughout the entire journey of conceiving the triplets, Melissa never stopped to inspire others. She shared the journey on facebook because she realised there wasn’t much information on conceiving babies especially multiples and have since inspired thousands of mothers with their pregnancy too!

While raising the triplets, she decided to learn something she always wanted, which is baking and cake designing. She took up lessons only from the Internet and within 4 short months, she went on to deliver beautiful cakes through her next venture, Happy3Cakes. Request for her cakes was so overwhelming that she was baking 20 hours a day at times!

After her daughters turned 2, she decided to accept the position of Digital Director in the largest aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, Dr Ko Skin Specialist. She went on to establish the digital team from scratch and build the digital presence quickly. She also successfully relaunch Dr Ko ecommerce store and hit 6 figure in sales within the first month of launch. In less than a year, Dr Ko Skin Specialist became a clear leader in digital presence in the aesthetic industry.

This few years Melissa have been spending more time in causes that she feel strongly about especially for children and women. She volunteers at orphanage homes and recently co-founded BloodGo, one of the first blood tech company in Asia which uses technology to locate blood in need especially rare blood type.

Melissa continue to serve the society by mentoring people with the skills she has and spreading her message to the world, that we should elevate our faith to match our destiny!



You are not a product of your circumstances, but a product of your decisions.

I believe in making decisions to ensure that I am in position to make a difference. 


© 2018 by Melissa Seow.