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  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organization skills with proven abilities in team management and planning.

  • An out-of-box thinker with flair for identifying opportunities/trends and addressing industry requirement.

  • Solutions-focused, meticulous and result-oriented professional with over 16 years of a successful career with diverse role distinguished by commended performance and proven results.

  • Pioneering in online commerce and became one of the Top eBay seller in Asia since 2003.

  • Establishing China online commerce fulfillment centre from scratch (without the ability to read


  • Self-taught cake artist that went from zero to 5 figure revenue, from learning to delivering in 4


  • Was associated with Dr.Ko Skin Specialist as Digital Director and involved in all activities related

    to online and offline marketing, campaign management, and channel management.


Performance Marketing  |   Influencer Marketing   |   Online Research 

Social Media Marketing   |   E-Commerce   |   Outsourcing


Primary School:        Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Convent Klang (1990-1995)

Secondary School:   Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Convent Klang (1996-2000)

College:                    Taylors College, South Australia Matriculation (2001)

University:                 Monash University, Clayton, Australia & Malaysia Campus, (2006) (Bachelor in                                            Business and Commerce, majoring in Business Law)

2017 – Current: Co-Founder of BloodGo

  • Lead digital marketing initiatives & ambassador.

2010 – 2012 Successor of Style My Ride, eBay business exporting branded car audios to AU.

  • Managing a non-inventory holding business that generates 5 figures gross profit.

  • Handling activities including online commerce operation, product research, procurement, logistic management, customer service and fulfilment.

2014 – 2017 : Digital Director, Dr.Ko Skin Specialist, Malaysia’s largest Medical Beauty Centre.

  • Managing seasonal digital marketing campaigns including creative development, website and microsites development, newsletter marketing and all

  • Creating engaging social media strategies plans that cultivated audiences, increase web presence and enhance brand awareness.

  • Handling activities including online commerce operation, fulfillment and reporting, campaign planning, implementation, budget management, performance review and campaign optimization.

  • Increase Dr.Ko Skin Specialist’s online leads by 300% in its first month of website revamped and now managing an average of 1000 unique online leads monthly.

  • Successfully revived Dr.Ko Skin Specialist’s e-commerce site and achieved 6 digit sales in its 1st month of launch.

  • Establish entire digital team from scratch and successfully lead Dr Ko Skin Specialist into digital world

  • Initiate & establish a customer service team to manage all Headquarter’s incoming enquiries and complaints.

  • Initiated online and offline campaign (Student Lepak Time) to target young generation – 3 months of roadshows at 12 colleges and universities and launch of Zap the Acne online game.  

2010 -2012 Founder of &, fashion online commerce that exports celebrity fashion apparel to AU, UK and US.

  • 1 of the pioneers in exporting quality celebrity fashion to AU, UK & US.

  • Handling activities including online commerce operation, fashion research, procurement, logistic management, customer service, fulfillment and reporting, campaign planning, implementation, budget management, performance review and campaign optimization. Establish a fulfilment team located at Guangzhou, China with minumum command of Mandarin.

2003 – 2009 Co-Founder, InterAuto Accs Trading, Top Asia eBay Seller exporting car accessories to AU, UK and US.

  • Achieve over 3 million annual revenue by exporting to 3 key countries, Australia, UK & US.

  • Handling activities including online and offline commerce operation, product research and developement, procurement, logistic management, customer service, fulfillment and reporting, campaign planning, implementation, budget management, performance review and campaign optimization.

  • Establish entire business structure from scratch and successfully lead the company to be 1 of the Top eBay Seller in the Asia region.

  • Gross profitted 5 figure on its 1st month of operation without any holding inventory.

2001 – 2002 eBay Fashion Entrepreneur, MyVogueBoutique.

  • Started as arbitraging from Australian Labels outlets (based in Melbourne) to the rest of the parts of country.

  • 1 of the online pioneers to export Hong Kong, Italian & American fashion and luxury goods to Australian market.

  • Winner of Best in Traditional Costume Award, Mrs World 2017 

  • Winner of Mrs Borneo World 2017

  • Winner of Mrs Asia International Tourism 2016

  • Winner of Mrs Malaysia Asia International 2016

2017 – Current : Entrepreneur, Melissa Seow Coaching & Consultancy

Digital Consultancy

  • Helping your business to succeed through my digital experience, from strategising, marketing, management to operation.

  • Identify opportunities for digital business growth through new customer acquisition & education.

  • Optimise online marketing strategies - sales funnel, SEO, PPC, social media & website.

  • Recruit, setup and train your own digital team.

  • E-commerce Specialist with over 14 years of experience.

  • Pioneer in Digital Marketing for Malaysia’s Medical Aesthetic Industry.


Personal Branding & Grooming Coaching

  • Mentors individuals to optimise the potential of their own personal branding for career and business advancement.

  • Covers image, étiquette, personal styling, offline and online presences.

Pageant Coaching

  • Mentors individuals with the knowledge and ability to compete in pageantry.

  • Personalised pageant strategy which includes - makeup & hair, nutrition & fitness, talent development, interviews, platform development, wardrobe styling, sponsorship techniques, on-stage and off-stage presentation, photography & videography. 

  • Includes personal branding and grooming coaching.

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Offering my expertise and network to help meaningful social driven causes.


Engage Melissa and her team for the following:

  • Digital Consultancy​

  • Social Initiatives

  • Entrepreneurship Coaching

  • Pageantry Coaching

  • Personal Branding & Grooming

  • Endorsements & Appearances


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